Bird Box

Ominous unseen presence Main character struggles back and forth between ego and soul often Cynical artist (ego (arrogance) vs soul) Reluctant mother (ego (fear) vs soul) Aggressive and caring (ego (fear) vs soul) People committing suicide (soul death) caused by an ominious unseen presence (ego) that takes place outside (society) of the home (soul). Only…

The Pennsic War

“The Pennsic War” (1996) by Erika This is the real essay, the one that was not changed by hackers.                I have always dreamed of traveling back in time to live as did the peoples of Medieval Europe. I could dress in elegant draping garb, create necessities and art by hand, and live more…

An Indoor Fairy Village from Scratch

Many years ago I started a yearly tradition between Imbolc and Ostara of building an indoor fairy garden on my dining room buffet from scratch.

Abyss to Bliss: Survival, Healing and a Lightworkers Journey

I recently woke up with a small, gentle voice whispering the words “doors of perception” in my ear. I do not fear these kinds of, what some might call, supernatural incidents. I worry not; it isn’t a form of insanity, but simply a natural occurrence of my higher-self, or unconscious spirit, speaking to me.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Self-Love: Divinely Feminine Tea Party Ideas!

Valentine’s Day – a special day to celebrate love . . . for our significant other, our family, our friends . . . ourselves! What better way to celebrate the divine goddess within each of us than with an all-girls tea party – friends, food, fun, frivolity, flowers, and favors. Here are a few ideas for a simple, yet fabulous event.

A Garden Goddess Window: Indoor Gardening to Heal the Winter Blues

My inner garden goddess was basking in joy this week with a trip to a large local indoor garden center with my mom! The joyful sensory experience, with warmth on my skin and the smell of earth and plants was just what I needed! I found so many inspiring ideas for flowering plants, succulents and houseplants for my kitchen goddess window.

A Gentle Healing Home – Decorating for the Senses

In an attempt to create a healing home that is comforting to my body, mind and spirit, I’ve been pondering the reasons “home” felt more relaxed and refreshing in the past than it does now, back when I was a child in the 70’s. And not just in my own home, but others as well. What is missing? What has changed?