About Us

Living Bewitchingly was created by a mother and daughter, as a place to celebrate the magical and delightful things in life; tea, food, arts, nature, home, spirit, celebrations, creativity, wellness, merriment and connection to the world… all with a bit of a charming and whimsical twist.

“Bewitchingly” is defined as “in a beautiful and pleasing manner; delightfully, elegantly, splendidly, appealingly, superbly”.  So ours is a journey toward living in a beautiful way, being mindful of the true beauty of the world that surrounds us, and to guide you on journey toward living everyday magic for serenity and joy. 

We define “magick (and/or magic)” as a force that elevates the senses, as we humans are sensory beings, and our perception of our environment affects our body, mind and spirit.  Magick comes from within our spirit, and is manifested into our physical world. When we create a positive, aesthetically pleasing experience, through sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch, we raise our frequency, the experience becomes ethereal, we have created magick…

Our mission is to promote slowing down, savoring your food and drink, healthful living, stopping to smell the roses, making and creating, tapping into the magic of nature and the seasons, and manifesting the spirit-centered life that we all desire. 

Thank you for joining us, it is an honor and joy to share with all of you! 

After 15 years of battling illness caused by a hormonal imbalance, allergies, and severe anxiety as a result of so many years of illness, Erika, also known as Anya Ka, has spent this time doing research, changing her lifestyle, and going on a journey of the spirit, to manifest healing and joy into her life. She writes about her transformation from the “abyss to bliss”. Much of what she writes about, the products she recommends and the life she lives and shares, revolves around creating a healthy body, mind and soul. It was through her magical journey that she began, and continues, to heal and raise joy in her life, and that magick is what she is here to share with all of you.

Erika is a founder, lead designer, photographer and a contributing writer for the website. 

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As a free-spirited flower child in the 60’s, Evelyn began her journey of learning and discovering everyday magic, whether it was in her garden, in the kitchen experimenting with recipes, or through creative endeavors.

She helped create and contributes to Living Bewitchingly to share the magick that she has learned and is still learning. 

Because of family members with several allergy issues, she has learned to adapt her recipes to be allergen-free and has embraced a natural and organic lifestyle. 

Evelyn is a founder and web editor-in-chief of the website. She is the primary writer and editor, as well as a creative consultant for the website. 

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