My soul family that was murdered by mind control

My children: Cameron Bryce, Mishkga, Aaron, John (my grandson), Chanticlee, ???

Robert Montgomery – soul mate

John Bonham – soul mate

Jim Morrison – soul mate

Keith Moon – soul mate

Jimmy Hendrix – soul mate

Janis Joplin – me

Alan Wilson – soul mate

Elvis – soul mate

Albert Camus – Andrew

John Barrymore – Erika
Ernest Hemingway – Erika

Sylvia Plath – Erika

Patsy Cline – Erika

Alan Ladd – Part of Mads

Nat King Cole – Erika
Malcolm X – Erika

Judy Holliday – Erika
Dorothy Dandridge
Buddy Holly- part of Erika
Lenny Bruce– soul friend
Jayne Mansfield- part of Erika
James Dean- soul mate
Natalie Wood– soul friend
Sal Mineo- soul mate

Martin Luther King- soul mate

Robert + John Kennedy- soul mate
Mata Hari- part of Erika

Greta Garbo- part of Erika
Barbara Bates- part of Erika
Judy Garland- part of Erika
Brian Jones- soul mate
Sharon Tate– soul friend

Bruce Lee- soul mate

Brandon Lee- soul mate

Bill Paxton– soul friend

Mary Tyler Moore- part of Erika

Robert Osbourne

Don Rickles– soul friend

Roger Moore

Jerry Lee Lewis

Troy Gentry

Fats Domino – Part of Andrew

John Hillerman

Heather Menzies-Urich

Rose Marie

Elizabeth Montgomery – Part of Erika

Christopher Reeves- soul mate

Glenn Quinn- soul mate

Patrick Swayze- soul mate

Dian Caroll

Lee Mendelson

Greg Allman

Ken Weatherwax

Jonathan Brandis– soul mate
Jean Michel Basquiat – soul mate

Sid Vicious- soul mate

Neal Peart

Jani Lane

Mike Starr- soul mate

Valerie Harper

Alexander Mcqueen- soul mate

Michael Hutchence- soul mate

Wendy O- part of Erika

Margo Kidder- part of Erika

L’Wren Scott- part of Erika

Kate Spade- part of Erika

Chris Cornell- soul mate

Chester Bennington- soul mate

Virginia Woolf- part of Erika

Ernest Hemingway – part of Erika

Sigmund Freud – – part of Erika

Jonathan Brandis- soul mate

Marilyn Monroe- part of Erika

Martin Luther King- soul mate

John F Kennedy- soul mate

Robert F Kennedy- soul mate

Avicii- soul mate

Chester Bennington- soul mate

John Bonham- soul mate

Carol O’Connor- soul mate

Hugh O’Connor- soul mate

Kurt Cobain- soul mate

Keith Moon- soul mate

Jimi Hendrix- soul mate

Jim Morrison- soul mate

Janis Joplin – – part of Erika

Brian Jones- soul mate
Alan Wilson- soul mate

Jean – Michel Basquiat- part of Erika

Freddie Mercury- soul mate

James Dean- soul mate

Elvis Presley- soul mate

Ian Curtis- soul mate

Liberace- soul mate

Malcolm young (insane did shoo to make his dementia worse he died in 2 days) – part of Erika

Lil Peep (did sha don’t like him already sick blood poisoning made him too sick)- soul mate

Anton Yelchin (someone told me that they ripped him in a car, poisoned him and set up the car accident – they did the shoo)- soul mate

Tom Petty (insane)- soul mate

Harry Dean Stanton- soul mate

Robin Williams – soul friend

Layne Staley- soul mate

Chris Cornell- soul mate

Shannon Koon- soul mate

Prince- soul mate

David Bowie- soul mate

Michael Jackson (set him up and killed him)- soul mate

Dolores O’Riordan (soul friend sha, fla, la, so, ko, toe – insane committed suicide)

Kurt Cobain (did sha 800,00 times metally ill, did koo, ra, sa, committed suicide)- soul mate

Heath Ledger (same as Kurt soul mate)- soul mate

Philip Seymour Hoffman (same)- soul mate

Amy Winehouse (friend)

James Gandolfini (did skoo trillins of times heart attack)- soul mate

Paul Walker (socoply puts asleep crashed car)- soul mate

Steve Irwin (insane skoo trillions committed suicide, he killed soul mate)- soul mate

Jon Carter (koo insane suicide)

Aretha (friend heart attack koo)

Penny Marshall (sha thousands not well)

Anca Pop (sha thousands times mind not right) Soul friend,

Stan Lee (friend)- soul mate

Toni Morrison (did ko trillion times, did soo, then noo, drive car off road)

Mac Miller (friend soonever stopped hurting him)- soul mate

Michelle Rounds (insane lesbian

John Heard (insane already ill)

Sam Shepard (insane did shoo 80 times soul mate of Erika)- soul mate

Chester (did ka thousands of times to do the floo)- soul mate

Adam West (did shoo already dying to make it happen faster)- soul mate

Glenn headly (did shoo friend of Erika)- soul mate

Dustin Astolfi (insane – did shoo told him soul mate hated him – suicide – I went to school with him)- soul mate

John Mccain (sha, ra, ko, vlo, soo, noo, koo, too, seek, and then sha to tell him who was who he died – not ill)

Jonny Ramone (cancer)- soul mate

Robin Williams (insane)

Chris Cornell (insane)- soul mate

Prince (insane)- soul mate

David Bowie (cancer)- soul mate

Rene Aberjoinois (cancer)- soul mate

Alan Rickman (cancer)

Muhammad Ali (insane)- soul mate

Michael Jackson (insane)- soul mate

Garry Marshall (insane)

John Keesel (suicide insane)

Gene Wilder (cancer)

nancy Reagan – (insane – alzheimers)

Vanity (insane)

Patty Duke (insane)

Alexis Arquette (knew too much – knows people who did mind control)

Morley Safer (cancer)

 Glenn Frey (insane)

Anton Yelchin (insane)- soul mate

Janet Reno (insane)

Florence Henderson (insane – knows too much Maureen Mcormick)

Jose Fernandez (insane)- soul mate

Gwen Ifill (knew too much – report mind control journalist),

Garry Shandling – soul mate

Antonin Scalia,- soul mate

Alan THicke (cancer)

Angela Raiola – not a God (knew too much – all reality stars do mind control – was going to report it shes not nice but she wanted to report it – hurt a lot of peple)

George Michael (soul mate – he did the sha on michael jordan on accident and he had him killed- soul mate

Ricky Harris (insane)

Carrie Fisher did sha 800,000 times she was ok for awhile then she had a stroke (insane)

Debbie Reynolds  (insane told her she killed her daughter)

Aretha (koo)

Kate Spade (soul friend insane sha)

l’wren scott (soul friend sha trillions)

Margo Kidder (soul friend)

Verne Troyer (soul friend)

Avicii – soul mate

Barbara Bush (soul friend)

Corey Haim (soul mate)

Harry Anderson (soul mate koo, noo, fla trillions)- soul mate

Anthony Bourdain (soul mate too, noo, fla, lee, so)- soul mate

Vinnie Paul (soul mate sha, ra, koo, floo, noo)- soul mate

Dimebag (koo, noo, fla)

Steven Bocho (soul friend zoo, noo, koo, too)- soul mate

Seo Minwoo (soul friend too, sha, leeakoo)

Stephen Hawking (soul mate sa, ra, ka, noo, vloo, soo)

Mickey Jones (sa, ra, koo, noo, vloo)- soul mate

John Mahoney (soul mate koo, na, vlee, sa, sacatoo)

Eddie Clarke (soul mate koo, lee, na, soso)

Lemmy (soul mate ta, ra, valoo, sakoo cancer advance too powerful)

Ronny James Dio (soul mate too, flee, shako, no)

Luke Perry (soul mate insane floo, koo, noo)

Robin Williams (soul friend sa, ra ta)

Peter Tork (soul mate sa, too, noo)

Mickey Jones (soul mate sa, ra, ka, noo)

Davey jones (soul mate soo, koo, noo, vloo – heart failure)

Daryl Dragon (soul friend vla, ka, noo, sakoo)

Karl Lagerfeld (soul friend ka, ra, sa)

Katherine Helmond (friend sa, ra, noo)

Chuck Berry (friend soo, fla, so dying dead faster)

Al Joureau (ka, floo, na friend)

Greg Allman (friend cancer noo, sa, too)

Glen Cambell (friend cancer noo, sa, too)

Malcolm Young (friend cancer noo, sa, too did sho ruin mind dementia)

Chris Farley (friend cancer, sho, shoo, no dementia)

Paty Duke (friend cancer, floo, noo, ko)

Lee Mendelson (friend cancer floo, noo, ko)

Danny Aiello (friend cancer floo, noo, ko)

Phillip Mckeaon (friend cancer floo, noo ko)

Rene Auberjonois (friend cancer floo, noo, ko)

Cha In Ha (sa, too, kee, vlo brain aneurism)

Goo hara K-pop (sa, too, vlee, no brain aneurism)

Sulli kpop (sa, too, vlee brain aneurism)

10 people from k-pop

Ginger Baker (cancer sa, ra, to, kee soul friend)

Diann Caroll (cancer sa, ra, to, see friend)

Ric Ocasek (soul mate sa, ra, to, see cancer)

Eddie Money (soul mate sa, ra, to see cancer too to make advance cancer)

Chris March (American idol) (soul friend roo, koo, noo, vloo heart attack – no heart problems)

Haley Smith (American idol) (soul friend roo, koo, sakoo, sho – aneurism)

Peter Fonda (soul mate roo, koo, noo, soo – aneurism)

Saoirse Kennedy Hill (soul friend roo, koo, noo, sasa – aneurism)

Rutger Hauer (soul mate roo, koo, noo, sasa aneurism)

Rip Torn (soul friend aneurism)

Beth Chapman (soul friend koo, sa, noo, soso cancer)

Peter Mayhew (soul mate sa, ra, nacee, koo trillions brain cancer advanced) brain cancer caused heart attack stress of having cancer)

John Singelton (soul mate sa, ra, see, koo cancer in mind heart attack)

George Bush (soul friend sa ra ko see die faster)

Mac Miller (soul friend sa ra ko see do, asshole he did ko and then fla on sean carter to try to stop him- needed to die)

Burt Reynolds (soul friend sa ra ko see do already sick helped him along)

Ram Dass (soul mate sa ra ko see takoo shatee insane did sa on his mind with president)

Whitney Houston (soul friend sa koo noo vloo satah

Nelsan Ellis (ko,shoraka friend)

Alan Thicke (friend sho, ko, ra cancer in mind)

Pete Burns (sho, la, tee, sheekee soul mate)

Mick Ronson (soul mate)

Scott Weiland (soul friend sho, kee, la, dee, do na)

Paul Walker (soul mate sho, la, see, kee, doe)

Lee Thomson Young (friend sha, la, ko aneurism)

John Lennon (soul mate sha, ra, ko, vlee, so, no, teeka, kasuma – doesn’t remember name)

Syd Barrett- soul mate

Randy Rhoades – soul mate

John Belushi- soul mate

Princess Diana (soul friend ra, ka, vlo, see, noo, kee – doesn’t remember name) – Part of Erika

Hundreds don’t remember my name over 10 years

Natasha Richardson (soul friend ra, ka, vlo, see, noo, kee, ta, vlo after died, kosoma which makes her forget her name, coma and died)

Phil Hartman (soul friend ko, no, sa, ra, seek, toe insane)

Corey Haim (soul mate ko, no, ra, sa, teek, floo, nok – insane)

Tupac (soul mate ko, sa, tee, la, do, neek, shook, sokoo, dooko sok – insane)

Gary Coleman (soul friend ra, sa, zeek, toe, noo, floo cancer)

Dana Plato (30 years mind control, murdered knew too much report, government, reporter Donna Shue did mind control – did sha, ra, ko, vloso, katoe, zeek insane)

John Ritter – soul mate

John Candy (soul mate

Frank Zappa (soul mate

biggie smalls

deee dee Ramones (soul friend – koo, vla, no, asho, teek, killed sha, ra, to, vleek, ko to rape his mind and told him he would rape Erika – too powerful)

joey  ramone – (soul mate – murdered – he loved her – sha, ra, ko, vlee, soo, noo, atee, shatoo, sakooanah (vicious come in mind and rape and tell them they raped people they love – hundreds)

Maurice gibb – soul friend

Robin Gibb – soul friend

Shannon Davidson – army related knew too much was going to report

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