Bird Box

Ominous unseen presence

Main character struggles back and forth between ego and soul often

Cynical artist (ego (arrogance) vs soul)

Reluctant mother (ego (fear) vs soul)

Aggressive and caring (ego (fear) vs soul)

People committing suicide (soul death) caused by an ominious unseen presence (ego) that takes place outside (society) of the home (soul).

Only the insane could look at it, because they are on the same frequency, they are not affected because they are consumed by ego (fear, anger, hate) already, but it kills people with a soul who stare at it (abyss)

Guy thought he could look at it on computer screen, because he assumed it was only pixels, not realizing it was an energy that could only harm you when you look at it. When we get online, or go on tv, and “See” what is happening, it still can cause soul death, because it is not a physical entity, it only inspires physical things to happen via humans.

As long as you don’t look at it your safe, blindfold (turn away, soddom and gamorah) yourself, majority are afflicted for looking at it (ego sickness), suicide (soul death ) is what happens when we look at society (abyss)

Cant go and do a simple shopping (society) or get simple necessities without being exposed, harmful to be out of the home (soul). No way to avoid encountering the dead (lost souls), running across them in a car attaches them to you (energy) and you bring pieces of them (energy) home with you. False sense of security in the building, still not “home”, exposure to insane people. You can tell the insane ones because their eyes (windows to soul) tell the story.

Journey (spiritual journey) to get to the safe place (soul) where survivors (kindred spirits, gods) are. Turns out to be blind (innocent) people who survived, because they do not look (pure) and were thus protected from the danger (ego). There are birds (wild spirit) that survive and warn (intuition) of impending danger (ego energies). 

Allowing insane (narcissist) in because they believed his lies, tries to kill the birds (wild spirit). Calls the ego “beautiful” encourages others to look (greed is good, American love for ego), assures the innocents it won’t harm them, knowing otherwise.

The mother (protector) thinks she must toughen the children (vulnerability) in order to survive, but in over-protecting from the entity (ego), she creates more fear, which is the entity. Must raise the sweet (naïve) girls child, who was too spoiled (asleep) to survive. Insane one tries to steal and corrupt the children when they are born (society) by giving it to the entity. She doesn’t give kids names – cant get attached – afraid of loss.

Hearing voices in the forest is the shadow self that tells us to be afraid. She attaches a fishing line  to herself so she doesn’t get lost (in the abyss) and can find her way back (to soul).

Speech about birds, and beauty and children playing – she wants them to experience that – something they have never seen (happiness) – got them through final steps – otherwise they couldn’t have made it – too fear

Rapids are violent (tumultuous journey) only the children can see (innocent) without being consumed. Decides against it, as children are not innocent, because they showed “Fear”.  Find the safe place by listening for the birds (wild soul) which protect us from the voices (ego). 

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