Book Review: “Original Wisdom: Stories of An Ancient Knowing” by Robert Wolff

(Source: Robert Wolff)

My spirit has brought me to a place in life where I realize major changes must happen for me. I have been thinking about getting away from the way society taught me to be (extroverted, competitive, aggressive), and becoming one with my true self (quiet, generous, joyful).

I find that books come to me at just the right time on my spiritual path, and this book “Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing” by Robert Wolff is no exception.

There is much to be learned from reading about the author’s experience witnessing the lifestyle of indigenous peoples. Some books are like spirit guides, they come to raise our consciousness, to confirm what we already know in our heart and soul, but have trouble understanding in our minds. Very highly recommended for soul searchers!

(Source: Wade Davis)
(Source: David Abram)
(Source: Philip Shepherd)

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