Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Self-Love: Divinely Feminine Tea Party Ideas!

Valentine’s Day – a special day to celebrate love . . . for our significant other, our family, our friends . . . ourselves! What better way to celebrate the divine goddess within each of us than with friends, food, fun, frivolity, flowers, and favors. Here are a few ideas for a simple, yet fabulous event.

Celebrate Valentines Day with Self-Love: Divinely Feminine Tea Party Ideas

Who to invite??? Everyone! As long as they are open to celebrating the divine feminine. Children of all ages, of course. Kids love tea parties. Seniors do too. And all the lovelies in between, whether married or single! What an warm, welcome and inspiring day you’ll all share.

Let’s find some fabulous teas for our party. There are lots of varieties and aromas to choose from. You can blend different teas together to get a rich, intense flavor. This Stash Pomegranate Raspberry tea is perfect – it’s bright red and delicious! Offer a few different flavors for everyone to sample. You can brew a pot or two of loose tea or offer a variety of teabags so everyone can select their own. Add some valentine-themed sweeteners (not that the tea needs it, but they’re just FUN!)

We need some sweet and savory snacks next. Decorate some cookies or cupcakes for a sweet treat. Make some finger sandwiches or bite-sized appetizers for a savory taste to enjoy throughout the party. A warm cup of soup would be a nice addition on a cold day. You don’t have to go to the trouble of making everything yourself. Pick up some ready-mades from your favorite bakery or grocery store. Or, ask some guests if they’d like to bring something, and put together a menu of assorted goodies.

Celebrate Valentines Day with Self-Love: Divinely Feminine Tea Party Ideas

It’s time to plan the decor and setting! A whimsical teapot, some pretty teacups and saucers, and pretty serving dishes can add a formal or whimsical feel to the party. Mix it up – it doesn’t need to be all matchy-matchy. You can even find pretty paper plates and serving pieces to make clean-up easier. It’s your party – go with what works for you. You want to enjoy a fun, relaxing day.

Let’s add a touch of elegance. Flowers make the perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day and any table setting, formal or informal. Choose a lovely arrangement in a decorative container to add the beauty of nature to your table setting.

Now that you’ve got all the planning done for the party, what shall we do?

Share a favorite book or movie – age appropriate of course and it doesn’t have to be a romance. Think about women who have inspired you and share their stories. Enjoy a craft. Have everyone bring a hobby they enjoy and share their experience. Or provide supplies for a craft that everyone can do together. There’s always a pamper day – set up a manicure station on a small table and do each other’s nails. Or facials, or makeup, or hair – anything fun. It’s our day to celebrate ourselves after all.

It’s not over yet! Send your loved ones home with a reminder of how we should love ourselves and each other – not just Valentine’s day but every day. It can be something useful or just a fun keepsake. If you have a flower arrangement, you might send each guest home with a flower that can be dried or pressed as a remembrance of the day. It’s a sweet, old-fashioned idea that feels special today.

So that’s it! We’ve had a great time planning and enjoying our Valentine’s Day self-love tea party. Hope you enjoyed it too!

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Self-Love: Divinely Feminine Tea Party Ideas - Living Bewitchingly

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