Christmas Baking and Candy Making!

In the midst of the chaotic energies and frustrated people going around this holiday season, we stepped away from the world and entered into magical kitchen elf mode to make handmade rolled cookies and candy bark. It was a merry and more traditional Christmas activity, that we have been so desiring!

We lit our kitchen Christmas tree and window lights, turned on the Christmas piano music, and escaped into our own little world filled with sweets and treats. We started with candy making, with lots of Christmas colors, stars, sprinkles and gobs of pouring chocolate, it was like Willy Wonka visits the North Pole for a time. It was fun and relaxing, and of course nothing beats the excitement (especially from the adults) when they received their candy gift boxes! I imagine if Santa were here he would have approved of our hard work and joyful belly laughs!

Making the Chocolate Bark

Place red-colored Wilton Candy Melts into a melting pot and chocolate chips into a double-boiler and once melted pour the colored candy melts on a very lightly greased baking sheet. Then immediately pour the melted chocolate chips on top and slightly swirl the two together. Then the fun part, decorating with Christmas sprinkles! Allow the pans to sit for about an hour or so in the fridge to set up the chocolate and then break the chocolate bark into bite-size pieces.

Christmas Baking and Candy Making - Living Bewitchingly

We bought cute little Christmas Chinese takeout boxes to fill and give as gifts.

Making Cookies!

Next it was time for the cookie making. We wanted low sugar and gluten-free, so we adapted a recipe for Norwegian Spice Cookies which can be rolled with a rolling pin to make shaped cookies! We added coconut sugar to replace the regular sugar in half the amount listed, and replaced the regular flour with 1-1 gluten-free baking flour. Coconut sugar is supposed to have a lower glycemic index than white sugar. This way we could add a few decorative sprinkles and still keep the cookies low sugar. If you want to add sprinkles to cookies without an icing, the trick is to do an egg white wash over the top of the cookie, then add sprinkles and press them slightly. They stick to the egg whites, and the wash gives them a bit of a crisp. The recipe is amazing, they tasted delicious and were easy to work with. Just make sure you have wet hands when you roll and fold the chilled dough in your hands, as the dough can be a bit dry (gluten free, of course).

We pulled out our colored sprinkles, or “jimmies” as we call them in this area, some metal cookie cutters and our dough and we played with our food!

The end result were delicious and festive cookies in Christmas shapes such as candy canes, stars, stockings, trees and gingerbread men.

We hope you had lots of fun this Christmas too, and lots of delectable, yet healthy treats!

Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Baking and Candy Making!

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