Tea Magick: Sweet Cinnamon Spice Tea Review

There is a chill in the air, it is days before Thanksgiving and I was looking for a tea to transition from the pumpkin and apple flavors of the fall into cozy warming tea with spicy but subtle flavor, something as a perfect introduction into the cold Yuletide season.

I found what I was looking for with Tazo © Tea “Sweet Cinnamon Spice” herbal tea. The bi-line for this tea is “An herbal infusion swirling with warm, sweet cinnamon & spicy star anise”. This description is befitting this warming tea, which takes the chill off on a crispy cold day. The flavors do “swirl”, the licorice-like flavor of the star anise is not overshadowed by the milder version of a “Red Hot” flavor of the cinnamon. The color is a deep orange/red, again perfectly evoking the feeling of late autumn. The smell is spicy and exotic, both sweet and fiery.

This sensual tea evokes blissful feelings of sitting in front of a fireplace with your feet on an ottoman, reading a novel while the snow gently falls. Highly recommended! 

More Amazing Tea Flavors! – (Tazo Assorted Tea Sampler 20ct (Pack of 6)

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